Let's Make Better World With Technology

Technonology has advanced to state where people can just get what they want just by taping on some buttons on their phone. Not just products or services, even information today is accessible today just search away.

And taking advantage of this technology is not just your right but a necessity. You need to understand that if you as a business do not make your presence online and put efforts to make it big, someone else will.

We understand it’s tough to manage all the activities of a business and then also try to make it big on the internet, but we got your back! this is exactly what we do.


We help brands and companies stand out in the digital age

We take your entire business online and put it on the internet in the form of Websites, Landing Pages, Ecommerce Sotres, Search Profiles & Social Media.

We also make sure that everyone who is connected to the internet gets to know about your business, so we do online advertising campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and also with Emails & automation.

Our Services

Our Fundamental Business


We create website for your coaching & consulting business, so as to make you an authority in the market, as a added benefit you also get prospects from your website organically.

This website holds all information about you & your services so that your clients get to know you better before they book a consultation with you or join your workshop.


Whether you want to do workshops or 1 on 1 consultations, a landing page is a must have in order to generate high quality leads. 

This page holds minute details of your programme that you wish to offer to your clients, a form to collect bookings & social proofs.

We automate the process with auto responder in order to get appointment booking & notify you of an incoming lead automatically.

That too without any extra expense like some other landing page tools available in the market.


We don’t just buld systems, we also take care of your marketing needs, we help you with regular social media posts, we make a theme profile specially for you and advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Google to help you generate leads for your business.

We also take care of the entire process of geting a lead to delivering it to you using our custom built CRM for which no extra payment is required.

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Meet Team

Who is hiding behind this logo?

It’s an agency, so there are many people who helps you grow but the person behind Dhar Digital is Roudrajjal Dhar, the proprietor.

Roudrajjal Dhar